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Is an Astro-Ayurvedic-Yoga village located amidst the way to Munnar, the tranquilizing heights of Western Ghats where your adrenaline could arise. Here we offer you the sparkle of a lonely village remain in the magnitude of quietude far away from the city turbulence. Its greenish ambiance could possibly make you as a fantasist. Beyond the feel of an aristocratic home, it will fill you ever memorable moments like a cherishing bath from the pond existing at the center of that ancient style architecture. There you can learn what the alchemy of exhilaration. Then to visit an antique temple close to the property, watch a Pooja, offering of flowers, fruits, light, water and food to the divine deity, the essential ritual of Hinduism. Amuse the hypnotizing ‘Sopana Sangeetham’ the worship songs and move towards a jungle celestial, listen the extremely folklore ‘Makudi music’ for pleasing Serpent Gods. Then walk through our wide herbal garden breathing aroma of spices, see the ‘Vettila’ ( Holy Betel leaf) what could fade if a menstruated female touch upon it. Then pluck a tender coconut using yourself a climbing device, chop and make a prodigal drink.! See the richness of Spice trees and Ayurvedic medicinal plants with an accompanying guide.

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Our Highlights

Kudajadri homes

Astrology & Pooja

Jyothisha is the foremost of six ‘Vedangas’ or ‘Limbs of veda’. It’s said to be the ‘Eye of veda’ through which all vedic knowledge can be properly applied.

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Kudajadri homes

Ayurveda & Yoga

Kudajadri homes invite you to learn about the ancient medical science of India – the 5000 years old ayurveda – and its physical and mental rejuvenation skill.

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Kudajadri homes


The ambience of kudajadri homes could perhaps carry you towards the nostalgic retrospectives, and the air of it could help you to work out your creative resources.

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Best in class accommodation Facility

We offer you unbeatable accommodation at the most competitive rates. Here you can relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself in privacy, in nature’s own lap, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You also get a taste of typical country side life of Kerala.

We have 9 bedroom 2 a/c Venus deluxe rooms and 7 a/c Mercury Executive rooms. The room has attached toilets, 24-hour supply of hot/cold water, clean linen and towels, cupboards etc.

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