‘Jyothisha’ is the foremost of six ‘Vedangas’.(Limbs of veda) It’s said to be the Eye of Veda through which all of Vedic knowledge can be properly applied. Planets are incredible bodies that focus on the sun and move around. The nine planets along with the stars as sun and moon are decided accordingly and their placement depends on the zodiac when we were born and their movements or transits through the sky in the past, present and future all are considered to play a major role on the zodiac signs in Astrology. This action and configuration not only influence the terrestrial life, but also influence the human life on earth. These planets have a natural force which influences the biological, physical, mental, emotional state of individual. Their different configurations, locations and size have positive and negative effects on mankind. There’s solutions for negatives in Astrology that could defend the opposite effects.

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Kudajadri Homes invite you to learn about the ancient medical science of India –The 5000 years old Ayurveda – and its physical and mental rejuvenation potential. Ayurveda means the ‘Science of life’ invented by the Hindu ancestors. Kudajadri Homes provide you a consolidated system of Astrological- Marma- Yoga- Ayurveda. It contain the treatments and techniques for cure ailments and rejuvenate the body, mind and Soul.! And the different type of body massages keep you in dynamic personality by the regulation of adequate blood circulation and body function. It’s an anti-aging process also, keep you look as ever youngster either handsome or beautiful.



The ambience of kudajadri homes could perhaps carry you towards the nostalgic retrospectives, and the air of it could help you to work out your creative resources. The property located on the way to Munnar, the tranquilizing heights of the western ghats. And it’s not far away from tourist destinations like ‘Bhoothathan kettu’ Dam site, Peniyeli, Thattekkad bird life sanctuary, Kochi and Alappuzha. You can choose ‘Kudajadri Homes’ as an interim home stay towards various destinations of Kerala.

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